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Pricing Information

Upon buying the tooling for the riot FROM Tom McBurnie at Thunder Ranch and Integrating it into our Restoration Shop, one of the hardest choices was when I chose not to offer the Riot as a Kit anymore. We went to work on the area’s of the Riot car. That I felt needed up graded. Like adding inner fender wells, Kevlar Reinforcement, and Engineered a Standardized Electrical System, so your lights and accessories, etc work properly. It is my job to bring you a Finished, Painted, ¼ miles car that you can just hop in a drive. NO towing it all over town, to have 10 Different Shop/People working on it.

The RIOT car is manufactured in Montana and available for Export to any Country and is built to order. Just for you and direct to you specifications. Having my shop build you RIOT car is cheaper than trying to have it done by all sorts of shops. Actually most people can save 50% to 80% by ordering your New car direct and having it built to order. We are all set up in one place and all the parts are standardized and made to run your car.

With all the Options Available on you new RIOT car there is a Vast Difference in the Final Price of your car.

Simply stated, the car Ranges in price from $9900 to $29,800.

First off, from $20,785 to $29,800 I will do one of the RIOT’S For You with Everything on the Chassis and Body New, with Manufactures Warranties. This is New. Floor Pans, Master Cylinders, Brake Lines, Starter, Transmission, Motor, Alternator, Shocks, Bushings, Tie Rods, 4 Wheel Disc Brakes, Tire and Wheels, Body, Steering Wheel, Seats, Carpet, Electronics, Headlights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Paint, Entertainment System, Onboard Integrated Laptop, Axels, Carburetors, Manifolds, Gauge Cluster, Switches, Wiring Harness. There is No better way to order your RIOT car. Everything is Installed New, Right down to the Lug Nuts.

If you are wanting to have a RIOT built for you and you want it on a budget, that is less or even considerably less, here is a unique option for you.

I can find you a nice Chassis, that someone has put work into making a nice car…I.E. Rebuilt motor/transmission Etc. Basically, a nice Running, Driving car and we use it as a Donor Car. There is of course a few items that we will replace and put new, like Master Cylinder, Disc Brake Upgrade, New Paint. While body is off, New Belly Pan, Pan Gasket and Misc. Bushings, Tie Rods, Etc. as needed shocks. From around $9900 to $15,000 I can custom Build you RIOT as you want it.


The car is being custom built and the money spent is mostly controlled by the parts suppliers and the motor, transmission and misc moving parts are about 60% of the total cost I don’t stock these items, they are order as you specify, so must be paid for in advance.

If you want a RIOT built for you I take a 50% deposit which I will build you RIOT Body, and start on your chassis, etc. Once you RIOT body is complete we require the remainder of the funds, and we will order all the new parts at needed to finish your RIOT including Paint, etc. As we work with you to make you car just how you want it. There are NO Financing Options at this time. Although I will gladly build at your pace giving you take to raise the funds over a period of time.